Green Apple Active 33″ Jean Style Lounge Pants

Green Apple JS Pants BluebirdIf you like wearing bright colors in the summer and are looking for some pants that will really grab people’s attention, then you might want to consider buying these Green Apple Active 33″ Jean Style Lounge Pants (pictured below).

These eye-catching pants look amazing and the great thing is that you can wear them for virtually any occasion.

For instance you can simply wear them round the house because they are ultra comfortable, or you can wear them whilst wandering round the shops. Alternatively you can match them with a smart top and some nice shoes and wear them on a night out.

According to some of the customer reviews, these pants are the perfect length for girls 5″7 and above, and if you don’t like this particular color, they are also available in three additional colors.

These wide leg pants are 33 inches long and have a wrapped drawcord on the waist. They are currently available in small, medium or large, whichever color you choose.

If you would like to buy this pair of Green Apple Active Lounge Pants, they are currently on sale at for $55 ($15 less than the usual price).

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