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4 Brand New Hello Kitty Sneakers For Women That Are Absolutely Adorable

Hello Kitty clothing and accessories are of course very popular with young girls and teenagers, but you could argue that Hello Kitty fashion items are just as popular with young women as well.

So today I thought I would feature 5 really cute Hello Kitty sneakers for women (and girls) that are brand new this summer.

These shoes, which are pictured below, are priced at $34.99 and they are proving to be very popular because some of the sizes for some of these sneakers have already sold out.

What I like about them is that they have fake fur around the ankles for added comfort, as well as bright pink laces and a super-cool Hello Kitty design on the side.

The colors are also really pretty as well because apart fom the black design, which I’m not overly keen on, they are also available in white, beige or pink, which are really cute.

If you would like to take a closer look at some of these brand new Hello Kitty sneakers, simply click on one of the images below:

White Faux Fur Hello Kitty Sneaker FlatsBeige Faux Fur Hello Kitty Sneaker FlatsLight Pink Faux Fur Hello Kitty Sneaker FlatsBlack Faux Fur Hello Kitty Sneaker Flats

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