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3 Hot New Pairs Of White / Beige Wedge Shoes That Cost Less Than $25

I felt it was about time I featured some new shoes because there are quite a few bargains around right now, and I specifically want to discuss 3 pairs of wedge shoes that I particularly like the look of, all of which cost less than $25.

These are all pictured below and as you can see, they are all very similar, but they each have their own unique style.

There is a pair of beige faux suede rhinestone wedges and a similar pair in white, which both cost $21.99, as well as a pair of white faceted beaded strappy wedges (my own personal favorite), which cost $24.99.

These would all look fantastic with a short or mid-length skirt or dress, for instance, but I think they would also look equally as good with a nice pair of jeans.

If you would like to read more about these shoes, or if you would like to see what they look like from the side, simply click on one of these images:

Beige Faux Suede Rhinestone WedgesWhite Faux Suede Rhinestone WedgesWhite Faceted Beaded Strappy Wedges

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