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2 Stylish Ruana Cover Ups From Minnie Rose

Many of us wear a cover up of some description when we are on holiday, but if you want to look super fashionable, you might want to think about wearing a ruana because these are growing in popularity all the time.

A ruana is an outer garment that is very popular in parts of South America because it is a little bit like a poncho, but they are very practical because you can wear them during the evening when it starts to get a little cooler, or over the top of your swimsuit when you are on the beach, for example.

If you would like to buy one of these garments, I have just found two really attractive ones on the Couture Candy website.

These are both made by Minnie Rose, and as you can see from the photos below, they are both made from cotton and feature an attractive fringe hem at the bottom.

You don’t have to worry about sizing because one size fits all, and the open loose knit design ensures that you won’t get too hot wearing one of these stylish garments.

The only drawback is that because these are from a designer label, they are a little bit pricey at $143 each (at the time of writing), but to be fair, they do look absolutely beautiful.

Anyway if you would like to find out more about either of these ruana cover ups, you can do so by clicking on one of the images below:

Minnie Rose Marled Mesh Fringe Ruana in Driftwood/WhiteMinnie Rose Marled Mesh Fringe Ruana in Chambray/White

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