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Gold Sue Wong Evening Gown

Sue Wong Gold Peplum Evening GownEvery so often I will browse through one of the fashion retailers and see an item that I will absolutely fall in love with, and this evening it was a gold evening gown from Sue Wong that really caught my eye.

I spotted this dress on the Couture Candy website, and as you might imagine, it is certainly not cheap because even after the generous $200 discount, it still retails at $359.

However if you have a really special event lined up and want to wear an evening gown that matches the occasion, then this would be a pretty good choice I think.

That’s because this flowing peplum evening gown has been designed by the well-renowned designer Sue Wong, and is not only a beautiful gold color, but has a metallic bodice that finishes this dress off perfectly and gives it a real touch of class.

It is currently available in a range of sizes between 0 and 12, and as I mentioned earlier, is available from Couture Candy, who specialize in high-end fashion.

If you would like to buy this dress, or find out more about this particular gown, simply click on the image above.

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