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New Lilly Pulitzer Women’s Paige Sweater (In Turquoise And Pink)

The renowned fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer sadly passed away earlier this year, but her name does at least live on through her company, and subsequently there are still lots of new Lilly Pulitzer clothes coming on to the market all the time.

One item that has really caught my eye is the new Lilly Pulitzer Paige Sweater, which is available in a choice of two colors – pink or turquoise.

This is a stunning striped sweater that is just as pretty in either color, and what I like about them is that they are both bright, vibrant colors, which makes them perfect for the summer.

They are also available in a range of different sizes from X-Small right the way up to X-Large, and they are both machine washable, which is always a good thing.

If you would like to take a look at either of these new Lilly Pulitzer Paige Sweaters, you can do so by clicking on one of the images below:

Lilly Pulitzer Paige Sweater In PinkLilly Pulitzer Paige Sweater In Turquoise

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