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3 Hot New Pairs Of Women’s Jeans From James Jeans

James Jeans - Streamline Tux in SkylineIf you are looking to buy a new pair of jeans at the moment, you will obviously know that there are plenty to choose from.

However I have recently been skimming through some of the new arrivals on the Couture Candy website and noticed three gorgeous new pairs of jeans that are available from James Jeans.

The first pair that caught my eye was this Streamline Tux in Skyline pair of jeans (pictured right). You can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny white jeans, but this one really stands out because it has a beautiful blue stripe running down both sides, which I absolutely love.

You could wear these jeans with any number of different tops and sweaters because white can be paired up with a number of different colors, and they are versatile enough to be worn at any time of the year because they never really go out of fashion.

In addition to this lovely pair of white jeans, there are also two more that I really love – the Fonda Sweeping Side Seam Flare Leg Jeans (pictured below left) and the James Twiggy 5-Pocket Legging (pictured below right):

James Jeans - Fonda Sweeping Side Seam Flare Leg in SorbetJames Jeans - James Twiggy 5-Pocket Legging in Sorbet

I love the shape of the flared jeans and the ripped appearance of the leggings, but it’s the sorbet blue color of both of these items that I absolutely love more than anything, which is why I wanted to feature them in this article.

If you are not a fan of this particular color, and don’t particularly like the white jeans with the blue stripes, you can find lots more great-looking pairs of jeans from this particular designer brand on the Couture Candy website.

New Savee Couture Leggings

I can now announce that I am officially in love with Savee Couture leggings.

I was scanning through some of the new arrivals on various different websites this morning, and couldn’t really find any that stood out. However I eventually came across five new pairs of Savee Couture leggings (pictured below), and would love to buy them all if I could.

The ones that really stand out are the black and white striped leggings, which are really bold and in your face, but the other four pairs, which have a snakeskin design and are available in blue, beige, grey and red, will also help you stand out from the crowd.

I think if I had to choose one pair, it would have to be the beige leggings. However I think all these designs look pretty damn good thanks to the imagination of Tracy Nguyen, who created these ultra-sexy leggings.

If you would like to find out more about any of these items yourself, simply click on one of the images below:

Savee Couture Stripe Leggings in Black/White

Savee Couture Sequin Leggings in Blue

Savee Couture Sequin Leggings in Beige

Savee Couture Sequin Leggings in Grey

Savee Couture Stitched Leggings with Double Lines in Front

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