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10 Of The Best Juicy Couture Watches To Ask For This Christmas

Juicy Couture is a thriving US-based fashion label that is growing in popularity all the time because they sell some really beautiful clothes and accessories.

I am particularly a fan of their watches because they look super stylish, and although some of them can be relatively expensively, they are generally very affordable.

Indeed they are affordable enough to ask your loved one to buy you one of these watches for your birthday or for Christmas, for example.

So in this article I wanted to pick out 10 of the best Juicy Couture women’s watches that would make excellent gifts this Christmas (whether you are looking to give or receive).

To start off with, there are two silver watches that I really like. The first is the stunning Stella Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch (pictured below left) because this has a beautiful eye-catching crystal set case, dial and bracelet, and the second is this Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch (pictured below right), which is a lot less expensive, but is equally as attractive with its clear easy-to-read dials and its purple bezel ring:

Juicy Couture Women's 1901212 Stella Analog Display Quartz Silver WatchJuicy Couture Women's 1901332 Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch

There are also two really distinctive watches that I absolutely love. The first is the Multi-Color Stella Watch (pictured below left) because this breathtaking crystal set watch will really attract some admiring glances from other women and will definitely get you noticed, and the second is the Black Analog Display Quartz Watch (pictured below right) because this crystal set watch has a really unique design that I haven’t seen on any other watch:

Juicy Couture Women's 1901167 Stella Analog Display Quartz Multi-Color WatchJuicy Couture Women's 1901326 Analog Display Quartz Black Watch

As I say, these are my personal favorites out of all the Juicy Couture watches, but here are six more that you might also want to consider asking for this Christmas:

Juicy Couture Women’s 1901063 Pedigree Silver Metallic Leather Strap WatchProduct DetailsJuicy Couture Women’s 1901330 Analog Display Quartz Silver WatchProduct DetailsJuicy Couture Women’s 1901142 Jetsetter Analog Display Quartz Black WatchProduct DetailsJuicy Couture Women’s 1901098 Jetsetter Black and White Stripe Dial WatchProduct DetailsJuicy Couture Women’s 1901337 Analog Display Quartz White WatchProduct DetailsJuicy Couture Women’s 1901099 Stella Navy Quilted Silicone Dial WatchProduct Details

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