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3 Faux Leather Jackets For Fall 2015

Dark Tan Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto JacketFall is always a tricky time of the year because it is often too warm for a thick winter coat, but too cold to go without a coat or a jacket of some description.

So what you really need is a light jacket, and I have just found three faux leather jackets on the Amiclubwear website that would be absolutely perfect.

Faux leather jackets obviously cost a lot less than real leather jackets, but they will often look just as good as the real thing, and I would say that this certainly applies to these three items.

The one I really like is the Dark Tan Long Sleeve Moto Jacket (pictured right) because this is a very stylish garment that should keep you sufficiently warm this fall as it provides a very close fit.

This was originally priced at $39.99, but there is a currently a 45% off promotion on the entire site for the next few days, which brings the price down to $21.99 if you use the coupon code SITE45.

If you like the style and the shape of this faux leather jacket, you may be interested to know that you can also buy this item in black or grey, both of which also look really cool.

These are pictured below and are also available for $21.99 if you use the latest coupon code:

Black Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto JacketGrey Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Of course we would all love to own a real leather jacket if possible, but these are a much cheaper alternative, and considering that winter will be here before we know it, you don’t necessarily want to be forking out for a short leather jacket that you might only wear for a few months during fall each year.

5 Super Cool Blazers For The Slimmer Figure

Slim Fit Black BlazerIf you have ever bought yourself a new blazer, you will know that they can easily cost in excess of $100 for a half decent one.

However I have just come across some really stylish new blazers on the Cicihot website that are available for a fraction of this price.

I would say that these blazers are all ideal for young women aged between 16 and 30 because they are all slim fitting, but if you are a little older than this and still have a good figure, you could easily get away with wearing one of these garments because they do look fantastic.

The pick of the bunch (in my opinion) is the Slim Fit Black Blazer (pictured right) because this is a very casual blazer that you would look good with a wide variety of different outfits.

The model is pictured wearing it over a grey top and a pair of grey jeans, which really does enhance the outfit considerably, but I think it would look even better with a pair of white jeans, for example.

Anyway I have also found four more blazers that I really like. These include this Pink Long Sleeve Blazer, which would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for the elbow patches, and this Cream And Black Blazer, which is a very classy jacket:

One Button Long Sleeves Leather Splice BlazerContrast Color Lapel Back Hem Kick Pleat Blazer

However there are also two black blazers that are a little more casual, but equally as stylish. These include this Pure Color One Button Blazer and this Zipper Slim Fit Blazer:

Pure Color One Button BlazerZipper Slim Fit Blazer

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