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2 Black And White Bodycon Dresses That Any Woman Can Afford

Some women can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a new dress, but a lot of women prefer to shop around for some bargains, and so with that in mind, I thought I would tell you about two black and white bodycon dresses that are available for knock-down prices at the moment.

The first is the Black White Lapel Bodycon Dress (pictured below left), which you can pre-order for just $12.99 from, and the second is the Long Sleeve Plaid Bodycon Dress (pictured below right), which has recently been discounted and is now available for just $15.79 at the time of writing:

Black White Lapel Bodycon DressLong Sleeve Plaid Bodycon Dress

The black dress with the white lapel is the one I really like because this is so stylish and looks just as good from the back as it does from the front because the white lapel neckline extends down the back as well.

It also hugs the body and shows off your figure really well without being too tight because it is supposedly made from very stretchy fabric.

However the black and white plaid dress is also a very figure-hugging dress that looks fantastic because of the attractive plaid design, and is sure to attract plenty of admiring glances from both men and women alike.

So if you are considering buying a black and white bodycon dress this fall, you might want to consider buying one (or both) of these two dresses because they are both excellent value for money.

At the time of writing, they are both available in a number of different sizes, so you should hopefully be able to buy one in your size.

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