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New Brian Atwood Sandals For 2014

B Brian Atwood Licata Suede Star SandalIf you are familiar with the fashion designer Brian Atwood, you will probably be aware of the B Brian Atwood collection of shoes and handbags.

Well I have just been looking at some of his new items for 2014, and there are four new pairs of Brian Atwood sandals that I really like the look of.

The pair that really stands out, in my opinion, is the Licata Suede Star Sandal (pictured right) because this is a really eye-catching design with the black and gold star detail, and has a lovely overall shape to it.

These sandals are available in all sizes between 6 and 8.5, and have a 4.25 inch covered heel and a metallic leather upper, leather lining and sole.

B Brian Atwood Roberta Suede Wedge SandalAnother pair that I absolutely love is the Roberta Suede Wedge Sandal (pictured right), which is a black and gold wedge sandal that looks really classy with the gold detail finishing it off nicely.

Indeed if you take a look at the product page and view the photo from behind, you will see that these Brian Atwood sandals look just as good from behind as they do from the front or the side.

Once again, these are quite expensive because this is a luxury brand after all, but if your budget can stretch this far, you might want to consider buying this pair of black and gold wedge sandals because they do look absolutely fantastic.

Alternatively you could consider buying two other pairs of sandals from the B Brian Atwood collection that are both new for 2014 and a fraction cheaper than the two above. These include the Leigha Patent T-Strap Sandal in Neutral and the Caterina Sandal in Black, and are both pictured below:

B Brian Atwood Leigha Patent T-Strap Sandal In NeutralB Brian Atwood Caterina Sandal In Black

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