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Sites Like Amiclubwear

Amiclubwear has established itself as one of the most popular discount fashion sites because they sell good quality clothes, shoes and accessories at knock-down prices.

However I recently received an email from a reader who wanted me to recommend a few other sites like Amiclubwear.

So listed below are several other websites that are similar to Amiclubwear where you can pick up a bargain or two:

Chicnova – this is a worldwide fashion retailer belonging to Qandy International Limited that adds around 300 new products to their store every week, and regularly features new lookbooks to keep you up to date with all the latest fashion trends.

Choies – this is a global fashion retailer that sells clothing wholesale and retail and has lots of flash sales and seasonal promotions where you can pick up some real bargains.

Cici Hot – this site is constantly updated with all the latest fashion trends, and has lots of affordable fashion for stylish young women.

Jolly Chic – this is a popular fashion retailer from China that has a large social media presence on all of the main networks, including Tumblr, Instagram and Polyvore, and offers cheap affordable clothing because it has many global contacts and sources clothing from all over the world.

Pink Basis – this company is based in southern California and they have a team of designers that select the latest fashion items from all of the top up and coming designers, and regularly run lots of money-saving promotions on their website.

SheIn – formerly known as SheInside, this is another hugely popular fashion retailer for the youthful 18-35 age group that has a growing presence on social media, where they have lots of giveaways every day, and now boasts more than 10 million registered customers.

Styles For Less – as the name suggests, this site specialises in stylish, fashionable clothing lines at affordable prices, and is one of the few discount fashion sites that also has a strong presence on the High Street because it now has more than 160 store locations.

14 Hot New Pairs Of Women’s Sandals Under $20 For Summer 2014

Summer is now just around the corner, which means that you can of course start thinking about wearing sandals on a more regular basis.

So today I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few bargains, and after seeing a nice new collection of sandals from Amiclubwear, I have picked out 14 hot new pairs of women’s sandals for summer 2014 from this site, all of which are available for less than $20 (at the time of writing).

Most of these are faux leather, which is one of the main reasons why they are so cheap, but they are all really attractive and should still last quite a long time.

I think the white sandals and the gold sandals (pictured below) are my personal favorites as these are the kind of colors that I like to go for.

White Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux LeatherGold Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux Leather

White High Polish Thong Sandals Faux LeatherGold High Polish Thong Sandals Faux Leather

However these sandals are also available in a wide variety of different colors as well, including red, pink, black, turquoise and brown, and you can also buy a really pretty pair of mint sandals, which would be perfect for the beach, for example.

These are all pictured below, and you can find out more about any of the items featured on this page by clicking on one of the images.

Mint Rhinestone V Strap Jelly Sandals PlasticSeafoam Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux Leather

Red Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux LeatherTan Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux Leather

Black Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux LeatherPeach Bow Tie Thong Post Sandals Faux Leather

Pomegranate High Polish Thong Sandals Faux LeatherNatural High Polish Thong Sandals Faux Leather

Tan High Polish Thong Sandals Faux LeatherBlack High Polish Thong Sandals Faux Leather

12 Of The Best New Plus Size Dresses From Amiclubwear

I have just been browsing through some of the new arrivals on the Amiclubwear site, and discovered that there are some really pretty new dresses that are designed specifically for the plus sized woman.

So today I thought I would share with you some of these gorgeous dresses, and have picked out 12 in particular that you might like.

As I mentioned above, these are all available from the Amiclubwear website, which means that they are all very reasonably priced, with even the most expensive item, the Wine Leopard Print Stylish Maxi Dress (pictured below left), costing just $39.99.

This is one of my favorite dresses, but I also really like the red and black checked dress (pictured below right) because this would be perfect for a Friday or a Saturday night out on the town, for example.

Wine Leopard Print Stylish Maxi DressRed Multi Plaid Print Sexy Party Dress

In addition to these two really pretty dresses, here are 10 more that I really like:

Royal Blue Short Sleeve Sexy Party DressBlack Short Sleeve Sexy Party Dress

Red Sleeveless Style Sexy Party DressRoyal Blue Cream Lace Cutout Back Party Dress

Beige Sheer Slit Long Sleeve Beaded DressWhite Knitted Mesh Cut Out Sexy Dress

Jade Knitted Mesh Cut Out Sexy DressRed Two Toned Sexy Party Dress

Magenta Mesh Cut Outs Sexy DressJade Mesh Cut Out Sleeveless Sexy Dress

7 Plus Size Bargains From Amiclubwear For February

White Multi Cowl Neck Sweater Top AMI+If you are looking to buy some new plus size clothes this month, particularly if you are looking for a sexy dress or a stylish top, I have recently found 7 items of plus clothing on the Amiclubwear website that are currently on sale for just $12.99 each.

This includes 5 great-looking cowl neck sweaters in grey, white (pictured right), black/blue, black/fuchsia and fuchsia/black, as well as 2 plus size party dresses that are perfect for nights out.

The tops are my personal favorites because I am totally in love with the belted waistline, and like the fact that they seem to accentuate your curves. I particularly like the grey and white tops, as well as the black and blue top because these are so beautiful.

However both the dresses are really sexy as well, particularly the neon yellow dress, which will really make you stand out from the crowd on a night out.

If you would like to buy any of these items or find out more about them, simply click on one of the images below (or the image above). As I say, they are all available for just $12.99 at the time of writing, so this is a real chance to pick up a bargain or two.

Black Blue Cowl Neck Sweater Top AMI+Grey Multi Cowl Neck Sweater Top AMI+

Fuchsia Black Cowl Neck Sweater Top AMI+Black Fuchsia Cowl Neck Sweater Top AMI+

Beige Side Cutouts Sexy Party Dress AMI+Neon Yellow Side Cutouts Sexy Party Dress AMI+

My 10 Favorite New Pairs Of Shoes From Amiclubwear (For July 2013)

Until a few months ago I had never even heard of Amiclubwear, but this has quickly become one of my favorite fashion retailers because they sell some great-looking clothes at really low prices.

I have just been looking through some of their new arrivals, and once again I found myself falling in love with many of their new heels because they are all really pretty.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be buying any more shoes at the present time because I’ve already bought far too many this year, but I can at least share with you my 10 favorite new pairs of shoes that have recently gone on sale on this site.

These are all pictured below and if you would like to check the price of any of these shoes, or find out more about them, you can do so by clicking on one of the images:

Silver Two Tone Pleated Bow Accent HeelsLight Purple Knotted Keyhole Toe Pump HeelsLight Pink Knotted Keyhole Toe Pump HeelsBlue Chevron Print Pump HeelsPink Chevron Print Pump HeelsBlack Texture Platform Pump HeelsBlue Texture Platform Pump HeelsGold Texture Platform Pump HeelsGreen Texture Platform Pump HeelsWhite Texture Platform Pump Heels

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