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Sites Like Amiclubwear

Amiclubwear has established itself as one of the most popular discount fashion sites because they sell good quality clothes, shoes and accessories at knock-down prices.

However I recently received an email from a reader who wanted me to recommend a few other sites like Amiclubwear.

So listed below are several other websites that are similar to Amiclubwear where you can pick up a bargain or two:

Chicnova – this is a worldwide fashion retailer belonging to Qandy International Limited that adds around 300 new products to their store every week, and regularly features new lookbooks to keep you up to date with all the latest fashion trends.

Choies – this is a global fashion retailer that sells clothing wholesale and retail and has lots of flash sales and seasonal promotions where you can pick up some real bargains.

Cici Hot – this site is constantly updated with all the latest fashion trends, and has lots of affordable fashion for stylish young women.

Jolly Chic – this is a popular fashion retailer from China that has a large social media presence on all of the main networks, including Tumblr, Instagram and Polyvore, and offers cheap affordable clothing because it has many global contacts and sources clothing from all over the world.

Pink Basis – this company is based in southern California and they have a team of designers that select the latest fashion items from all of the top up and coming designers, and regularly run lots of money-saving promotions on their website.

SheIn – formerly known as SheInside, this is another hugely popular fashion retailer for the youthful 18-35 age group that has a growing presence on social media, where they have lots of giveaways every day, and now boasts more than 10 million registered customers.

Styles For Less – as the name suggests, this site specialises in stylish, fashionable clothing lines at affordable prices, and is one of the few discount fashion sites that also has a strong presence on the High Street because it now has more than 160 store locations.

5 Top Picks From The Choies Green Monday Collection

To celebrate Green Monday, which is the name given to the busiest shopping day in December, are giving away a stylish green scarf to anyone who spends more than $89 between now and 14 December.

In addition, they have also created a section on their website that showcases some of their most popular green items of clothing.

So as it is Green Monday today, I thought it would be a good idea to pick out my top 5 green items of clothing from this collection, and here they are:

Army Green Studs Short Snow Boots

Army Green Studs Short Snow BootsThe one item that really caught my eye was this Army Green Studs Snow Boot because it’s not often that you see a pair of snow boots adorned with studs, or indeed any kind of elaborate decoration.

However in this case I think it works quite well because these look really good.

These boots, which are also available in black, are available in sizes 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 and are made from a combination of cow leather, cotton and cashmere, so they should offer a lot of warmth this winter.

If you would like to buy these snow boots, they are currently on sale for 20% off at $71.99.

Embroidery Dress with Contrast Pleated Skirt

Embroidery Dress with Contrast Pleated SkirtAnother item that I really love is this Embroidery Dress With Contrast Pleated Skirt because this is such a pretty combination.

The vintage-style dress has half-length sleeves and a round neckline, and is adorned with a pretty embroidered pattern, whilst the pleated green skirt finishes it off nicely.

It is available in a choice of three different sizes – small, medium and large – and is currently priced at $35.99, which is a saving of 20%.

Oversize Fur Hooded Parka

Oversize Fur Hooded ParkaI have already featured this Oversize Fur Hooded Parka in a previous article, and it proved to be very popular because when we posted it to our Coats & Jackets page on Pinterest, it quickly became one of our most popular pins and was subsequently repinned hundreds of times.

This jacket is ideal for the winter because not only is it very warm with its faux fur trim and its shearling lining, but it’s also completely waterproof as well. Plus it is also very practical because it has some large pockets attached.

If you would like to buy this green winter coat, it is currently available in S, M or L and is priced at $75.99.

Lace Panelled Chiffon Top in Green

Lace Panelled Chiffon Top in GreenOne of my favorite tops from all of the green fashion items on the Choies website is this Lace Panelled Chiffon Top in Green.

This top is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, but it is probably more suitable for petite women with slender frames because it is quite a delicate piece.

You obviously wouldn’t wear this in winter, but this would look amazing in the spring or summer when it’s a lot warmer outside, and is sure to get you noticed and give you a real sense of style.

This particular top hasn’t yet been discounted, but it is still very reasonably priced at just $27.99.

Green Bodycon Shirt OL Dress

Green Bodycon Shirt OL DressThe final item of clothing that I want to feature in this article is this Green Bodycon Shirt OL Dress, which is easily my favorite green dress being sold at

This is a knee-length polyester dress that is available in a number of sizes between S and XXL, and I love the way it hugs and accentuates the body, helped of course by the stylish belt around the waist. I also really like the shirt collar on this one as well.

If you would like to buy this bodycon dress, it is priced at $35.99, which I think is a pretty good deal.

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