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12 Stylish Coats For Cyber Monday That Cost $20 Or Less

If you are looking to buy a stylish coat that you can wear on a night out, for example, you don’t really want to be paying a great deal of money because you probably won’t be wearing it that often.

So with that in mind, I thought I would tell you about some great-looking coats that I have found on the Amiclubwear website that all satisfy this criteria.

These coats are all available for $20 or less as part of the Cyber Monday promotion, and they are all really beautiful coats that really do look fantastic.

I’m not really sure how long they will last because you never can tell when you buy a cheap coat, but they are obviously cheap enough to replace should you need to.

My two personal favorites are the Tan Button Up Closure Waist Belt Two Tone Coat (pictured below left) and the Black Long Sleeve Button Up Closure Coat (pictured below right):

Tan Button Up Closure Waist Belt Two Piece CoatBlack Long Sleeves Button Up Closure Front Pockets Coat

These coats are both made from 100% polyester, and are both priced at just $20 if you use the coupon code CYB60.

However if you don’t like these two coats, here are several more that are all available for $20 or less:

Fuchsia Double Breasted Faux Fur CoatMarigold Double Breasted Faux Fur CoatRed Double Breasted Faux Fur CoatWhite Long Sleeves Button Up Faux Fur CoatDusty Pink Double Breasted Textured CoatGreen Double Breasted Textured CoatOrange Double Breasted Textured CoatTan Double Breasted Textured CoatBaby Blue V-neck Double Breasted CoatBlue Denim Long Sleeves Button Up Closure Front Pocket Jacket

3 Notched Collar Long-Length Coats For Winter 2015 / 2016

Elegant Notched Collar Thicken Slim CoatIn my last post I featured some faux shearling coats that I really liked the look of, but today I thought I would tell you about three more coats that I have recently discovered on another site.

These ones are a little more expensive, but they are all very classy if you would like to look effortlessly cool this winter.

My favorite coat is the sky blue slim coat (pictured right) because this is not only one of my favorite colors, but it also has a really nice shape to it as well.

As you can see, this is a single breasted long-sleeved peacoat that has a notched collar and some pockets at the side. It is also made from wool (and wool blend) so it should offer plenty of warmth this winter.

If this one isn’t necessarily to your taste, you might also want to check out this khaki coat (pictured below left) because this is a similar shape and a similar length, and is made from the same materials. The only problem with this one is that it is currently only available in smaller sizes.

Similarly, there is also a notched collar coat available with a similar design that is available in deep rose (pictured below right). This one is made from cashmere instead of wool, but is still roughly the same price as the previous two coats so it is good value for money.

Feminine Style Notched Collar Slim Long CoatNotched Collar Button High Quality Loose Coat

These three notched collar coats are all available from the Jollychic website, and they are all priced at a little over $100 at the time of writing, which seems a reasonable price to pay for a good quality long-length coat.

Zip Front Coat in Faux Shearling

White Zip Front Coat in Faux ShearlingIf you are looking to buy a really cool coat, and don’t want to buy one that is similar to what everyone else is wearing, I have just found a really stylish one that is a little bit different to all the others.

This Zip Front Coat is made from suede fabric and has faux shearling to offer a little more warmth when it starts to get cold outside.

It is available in a choice of three different colors – white, black or yellow – and is available in sizes small, medium and large.

I really like the white one myself, but as I am reluctant to wear a white coat during the winter because they get dirty really easily, I would probably opt for the yellow or black one instead.

Yellow Zip Front Coat in Faux ShearlingBlack Zip Front Coat in Faux Shearling

Anyway I just thought I would bring this coat to your attention because I love everything about this coat. The faux shearling around the neck looks very warm and snug, the positioning of the zips is ideal and the belt around the waist is a stylish touch.

If you would like to check out this coat for yourself, you can find out more about it by visiting the product page at the Chicnova website. It is currently priced at $57.40 at the time of writing, which is not overly expensive, and is still available in all three sizes.

Black And White Gingham Print Long Sleeve Winter Coat

Black And White Gingham Print Long Sleeve Winter CoatOne of the few good things about this time of the year is that you can dig out your favorite winter coat ready for the colder weather to arrive.

However if you are anything like me, you probably have several coats stored away in your wardrobe because one is never enough.

So in this article I want to bring to your attention one more coat that you might want to add to your collection this winter because this is an inexpensive coat that looks really stylish.

This Black and White Gingham Print Long Sleeve Winter Coat is a casual coat that is priced at $39.99, but is currently available for just $18 if you use the coupon.

It’s available from Amiclubwear, who specialize in offering stylish, but affordable fashion, and is currently available in sizes S and L because the M has already sold out at the time of writing.

I think you will agree that this is a great-looking coat with its draped cowl neckline and its attractive black and white gingham print design, and certainly represents good value for money at its current price.

You probably wouldn’t want to wear this coat in the depths of winter when its snowing outside because it’s only made from polyester, but you could certainly wear it on milder days and throughout fall, for example.

If you would like to buy this coat, or would like to view a few more photos, you can check out the product page by clicking on the photo (or the link) above.

3 Faux Leather Jackets For Fall 2015

Dark Tan Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto JacketFall is always a tricky time of the year because it is often too warm for a thick winter coat, but too cold to go without a coat or a jacket of some description.

So what you really need is a light jacket, and I have just found three faux leather jackets on the Amiclubwear website that would be absolutely perfect.

Faux leather jackets obviously cost a lot less than real leather jackets, but they will often look just as good as the real thing, and I would say that this certainly applies to these three items.

The one I really like is the Dark Tan Long Sleeve Moto Jacket (pictured right) because this is a very stylish garment that should keep you sufficiently warm this fall as it provides a very close fit.

This was originally priced at $39.99, but there is a currently a 45% off promotion on the entire site for the next few days, which brings the price down to $21.99 if you use the coupon code SITE45.

If you like the style and the shape of this faux leather jacket, you may be interested to know that you can also buy this item in black or grey, both of which also look really cool.

These are pictured below and are also available for $21.99 if you use the latest coupon code:

Black Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto JacketGrey Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Of course we would all love to own a real leather jacket if possible, but these are a much cheaper alternative, and considering that winter will be here before we know it, you don’t necessarily want to be forking out for a short leather jacket that you might only wear for a few months during fall each year.

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