2 Beautiful Faux Leather Rhinestone Round Face Watches

If you are looking to buy a great-looking watch but only have a very limited budget, you should seriously consider buying a Geneva watch because these are always excellent value for money.

There are two in particular that I can currently recommend because these are both very attractive, and are both on sale at the moment for just $12.50 each (at the time of writing) if you use the coupon code MAD50 throughout March 2016.

The first is the black rhinestone face watch (pictured below left) and the second is the fuchsia rhinestone face watch (pictured below right):

Black Faux Leather Croc Skin Large Rhinestone Round Face WatchFuchsia Faux Leather Croc Skin Large Rhinestone Round Face Watch

These women’s watches both have faux leather straps, which is one of the main reasons why they are so inexpensive, and have really eye-catching round faces.

It is the rhinestone detail around the face that is the most impressive aspect of these two watches, but I also like the simple white face and the clear and easy to read hand markings.

Of course you cannot really predict how long a low-cost watch such as this one is going to last, but you always have the option of wearing it as a statement piece every so often if you so wish because they are clearly beautiful enough to be used for this purpose.

Alternatively you could just wear one of these watches everyday and accept that they are not going to last forever because they will still be cheap enough to replace if they do happen to stop working.

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