Black Plus Size Dress Ideas For The Christmas Party Season 2015

The good thing about this time of the year is that you have an excuse to buy a stylish new party dress because it’s obviously the Christmas party season. Plus you also have a New Year’s Eve party to look forward to as well.

So with that in mind, I thought I would pick out some super stylish black dresses that are available for plus sized women to buy this season from the Chicnova website because these are all very affordable.

The pick of the bunch, in my opinion, is the Plus Size V-Neckline Dress (pictured below left) because this could be worn to the Christmas office party, for example, but is also classy enough to be worn to a more formal occasion.

I also love the Plus Size Round Neck Dress With Split Front (pictured below right) because this hugs the body really well and will really show off all of your curves.

Plus Size V-Neckline DressPlus Size Round Neck Dress with Split Front

If you are looking for a black plus size party dress that is a little shorter and a little more casual, there are two in particular that are worth highlighting.

The first is the Plus Size Cutout Dress (pictured below left), which is a little more revealing because it will really accentuate your bust, and the second is the Plus Size Solid Cami Dress (pictured below right), which is a very short dress that has a very attractive fringe and is clearly a very sexy dress that will appeal to many women.

Plus Size Cutout DressPlus Size Solid Cami Dress with Fringe

These dresses are all made from polyester (apart from the Cutout Dress which is made from polyvinyl chloride fibre) and are all available for between $20 and $30 at the time of writing.

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