10 Knee-High Boots From Clarks That Are New For Fall / Winter 2015 / 2016

This time last year I looked at some of the top knee-high boots that were available from Clarks, one of the leading footwear manufacturers (here is the article in case you missed it).

So in this article I thought it would be a good idea to write a follow-up article that takes a look at some of the new boots that have gone on sale since then.

I have to say that the Clarks Mullin Spice Knee-High Boot is still my personal favorite out of all the Clarks boots, but nevertheless there are still some really attractive boots to choose from this winter. Here are some of my favorites:

Clarks Pita Dakota Western Boot

One of my favorite boots from the new 2015 collection is the Pita Dakota Western Boot, which is available in black or dark brown and is made from full grain leather and PU leather.

This is quite a simple design, but it still manages to look effortlessly stylish. Plus it appears to be really comfortable to wear because it has an Orthalite sheet insole with a synthetic sockliner that provides plenty of cushioning for your feet.

This Clarks Pita Dakota Western Boot is available in a number of sizes between 5 and 11 and will fit most women because it has a boot opening of approximately 14.75 inches.

Clarks Women's Pita Dakota Western Boot - BlackClarks Women's Pita Dakota Western Boot - Dark Brown

Clarks Hopedale Wish Western Boot

Another really cool western boot that you might want to consider buying is the Hopedale Wish Western Boot.

This is available in black or dark brown (which is my own personal favorite), and the reason why I love this particular boot is because it’s a little bit different to all the others.

The unique reptile-print shaft really makes it stand out and I just love the shape of this boot and the overall design.

If you would like to buy this stylish leather boot, you should bear in mind that it is more suitable for people with slim calves because it has a boot opening of around 14 inches.

Clarks Women's Hopedale Wish Western Boot - BlackClarks Women's Hopedale Wish Western Boot - Dark Brown

Clarks Lucette Ritz Boot

Clarks Women's Lucette Ritz BootIf you are someone who has slightly wider calves, you might want to check out the new Lucette Ritz Boot because this has a boot opening of 17 inches and is absolutely gorgeous.

This black knee-high boot (pictured right) is made from a combination of waterproof suede, synthetic and full grain leather and has a really cool contrast design.

It is designed to be as comfortable as possible because it has an Orthalite sheet insole and a synthetic sockliner, and offers support around the heel.

So this wide-calf dual-texture boot is the perfect combination of style and comfort, and should be strong enough and durable enough to survive several winters because Clarks are renowned for making good quality boots.

Clarks Pita Topeka Riding Boot

One more boot that I want to bring to your attention is the Pita Topeka Riding Boot because this is a really cool two-tone design.

As you can see from the images below, this boot is available in black or brown and has a contrasting collar that really makes it stand out.

I personally prefer the black boot out of the two, but I think both are them are pretty stylish, and as with many of the other Clarks boots, they should be very comfortable to wear because of the synthetic lining and heel support.

This boot is available in a range of sizes between 5 and 12 and has a boot opening of 15.25 inches. Therefore it is sure to appeal to lots of women this season.

Clarks Women's Pita Topeka Riding Boot - BlackClarks Women's Pita Topeka Riding Boot - Dark Brown

Other Clarks Boots That Are New This Season

In addition to the boots featured above, there are also several more knee-high boots that are new for fall / winter.

These include a hot pair of motorcycle boots as well as a selection of stylish rain boots, winter boots and riding boots, all of which are featured below:

Clarks Women’s Fernwood Oasis Motorcycle BootProduct DetailsClarks Women’s Fianna Spark Rain BootProduct DetailsClarks Women’s Plaza Studio Riding BootProduct DetailsClarks Women’s Allura Starlit Tall BootProduct DetailsClarks Women’s Swansea Place Tall BootProduct DetailsClarks Women’s Rosalyn Elise Riding BootProduct Details

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