WeWood Criss Watch Review

WeWood Criss Women's Watch - BeigeWooden watches are very popular with both men and women at the moment because not only do they look super-cool, but they are also environmentally friendly as well because WeWood plant a new tree every time they sell one of these timepieces.

One of the most attractive women’s watches is the WeWood Criss Watch, which is available in three different colors – armybeige and nut.

This style is designed exclusively for women, which is why they have a smaller face than some of the others (28.5 mm long x 31.75 mm wide) and a narrow band width of just 195 mm.

All of the watches in this range are hypo-allergenic and completely free of any toxic chemicals, and are made from 100% natural wood.

Indeed even the packaging is predominantly made from recycled materials, and can be recycled afterwards.

In terms of practicality, the markings seem to be a little clearer and easier to read on the beige Criss watch (pictured above right), which also happens to be my own personal favorite, but they all have a touch of quality about them.

That’s because they all have a Miyota time movement, which is used by many of the big-name watch companies, and have a face that is encased within a hardened scratch-proof mineral glass to ensure that they last a very long time.

If you would like to buy one of these timepieces (or check the latest prices), you can do so by clicking on one of links above, or by clicking on one of the product photos on this page.

WeWood Criss Women's Watch - ArmyWeWood Criss Women's Watch - Nut

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