Golden Metallic Slippers For Just $10.99

Golden Metallic SlippersIt’s very hard to make slip-on shoes cool, but I have just come across a pair of slippers that I think look absolutely fantastic.

This pair of golden metallic slippers (pictured right) have a gold metallic strip on the strap of the actual slipper which gives them their distinctive appearance, and look really comfortable as well with their rubber soles, which is an important factor to consider when buying a pair of slip-on shoes.

The additional photos on the product page show a woman wearing them on the streets and clearly demonstrate how they can be worn with a variety of different summer outfits, and I think that these are undoubtedly one of the most stylish pairs you will come across.

The best thing of all is that they are currently on sale for just $10.99, which is an excellent price.

If you would like to find out more about these golden metallic slippers, or would like to view a few more photos, you can do so by visiting the product page at

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