New Wildfox Sunglasses For Women For 2014

Summer may seem a long way off at the moment, but it’s never too early to buy some new clothes and accessories in time for the hot summer months.

So today I thought I would feature 10 new pairs of Wildfox sunglasses that I have recently spotted on the Couture Candy website because these all look amazing, and will really help you stand out from the crowd this summer.

These sunglasses are all new arrivals for 2014 and have that mark of quality that you might associate with Wildfox if you are familiar with this brand.

This new collection includes some classic black tinted sunglasses with black frames, but I personally prefer some of their more eye-catching pairs, including my two personal favorites, the Lolita Frame Gold Multi Sunglasses and the Starstruck Sunglasses in Gold pictured below:Wildfox Lolita Frame in Gold/MultiWildfox Starstruck Sunglasses in GoldHowever featured below are eight more pairs of Wildfox sunglasses for women that you might like to buy for summer 2014:

Wildfox Classic Fox 2 Deluxe in Translucent BlueWildfox Classic Fox 2 Deluxe Frame in CrystalWildfox Airfox Frame in GoldWildfox Airfox Polarized Frame in SilverWildfox Bel Air Frame Sunglasses in PearlWildfox Le Femme Sunglasses in BlackWildfox Classic Fox 2 Frame in BlackWildfox Catfarer Frame in Tortoise

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